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During winter it gets harder to stay positive, fit or even general wellness can be compromised as our immune system can decrease. However as the seasons change, it’s important to adapt and listen to your body and how it wants to synchronize with the change. We need to listen to the connection we have to the earth and work with it.

We are completely connected to the earth and each other. Here’s some examples. When you menstruate, the women you spend most time with will start to synchronize cycles with you. When birds or fish fly or swim in formation; they turn and the formation isn’t ruined. They know when to turn and stay synchronized.

Our bodies are made up of 70-80% water. So too is the earth and the same percentage is in plants. Our living force is the same and we like to be the same and synchronize with our surroundings.

So as winter kicks in, listen to the earth’s signs. Start to eat the winter foods that are seasonal. They’re much higher in Vitamin C. This is why we need to eat as close to nature as possible. This is where nutrition doesn’t act as medicine. It is medicine.

The days are colder so you’ll want hot drinks. Be careful not to consume sugar or artificial sugar (which is a carcinogen) with your beverages. I found a great product from Naturally Sweet which are plant based Stevia drops with zero calories to add to coffee and tea! Keeping sugar consumption down will also help with your winter weight!

The days are getting shorter. It means you will need to sleep more. Think of how the animals hibernate. We are meant to do something similar and fall asleep earlier when it gets darker. If we at least 3 nights awake program ourselves with the lunar cycle, we will have better quality sleep.

Better quality sleep leads to increased immune function. You can also boost your immune system with chiropractic care. Chiropractors detect and correct vertebral subluxation which are interference to your nerve system and by taking pressure off nerves, you give your immune system a boost. This is because your nerve system controls your immune system.

Turn off tech an hour before you sleep. The blue light emitted from technology robs your brain of the melatonin hormone which helps you sleep.

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