Corporate Wellness Sydney

Corporate Wellness Sydney
Group Fitness and Massage Therapy in the workplace

Our corporate wellness team specialises in providing Functional Group Fitness and Remedial Massage Therapy, keeping wellness as a priority. Servicing many workplaces around Sydney.

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Our Personal Trainer and Co-Founder Linda, combines functional fitness, breathing techniques and moving mindfully, creating a stronger body and mind.
Linda has a holistic approach to training, which focuses on wellness and long term health. Having dealt with anxiety, Linda knows how stress can affect our physical and emotional well-being which is why she incorporates a mind, body and breath connection into her high intensity training, to create a balanced fitness session.

Balancing Mind and Body.

Linda’s Qualifications

Certificate III & IV Fitness
Continued education in Functional Fitness & TRX

Our Remedial Massage Therapist and Co-Founder Neal focuses on techniques not limited to Trigger Point Therapy, sports, deep tissue, in an effort of alleviating those common muscle aches and pains.
Neal’s corporate background, has given him first-hand experience of the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time at a desk. He is passionate in helping people improve physical and emotional stresses to increase motivation and productivity.

Creating Mobility and Functionality.

Neal’s Qualifications

Diploma Remedial Massage
Advanced Diploma Myotherapy
Member of AAMT (Massage & Myotherapy) Association

Our corporate wellness team is insured with AON, for combined malpractise, public and products liability.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Why is Wellness in the workplace important?

Working in a corporate environment can really build up muscle tension and overall stress. Sitting all day can compromise our spinal disk health and posture, weaken leg and gluteal muscles and can compromise our metabolism, increasing the risk of obesity and diabetes.
Mobility is decreased due to lack of time and motivation to work out, resulting in a decrease in energy levels.

Benefits of group fitness

  • The HIIT/Tabata training protocol we use, raises metabolism quickly, putting your body in the fat-burning zone within the first round.
  • Exercise can make you happier, give you more energy and help you gain focus.
  • Research found that exercise changes our attitude towards our work, our team, and even ourselves.
  • It makes us more positive and more productive by improving our focus and ability to manage our time and tasks efficiently. It also makes people more cheerful and resilient in the face of stress.
  • Exercise boosts team work and social skills. Exercising at work has a key morale-building effect.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Frequent massage reduces cortisol, which is a major stress hormone, and high levels of cortisol have been linked to high blood pressure, suppressed immune system function and obesity, studies have found that even a brief 15-minute massage once a week can reduce stress systems.
  • For the past 20 years, there have been studies linking massage to improved brainpower and productivity.
  • Some studies have also found that massage can help people suffering from anxiety, headaches, digestive disorders, sports injuries, joint pain, fibromyalgia and lower back pain.
  • Reduce illness and sick leave; Having a massage on a regular basis increases the activity level of the body’s white blood cells that fight viruses.
  • Massage can help spark creative ideas, reduce pain, improve immune system, increase productivity, improve sleep & reduce stress symptoms.

About our corporate wellness sessions

Group Fitness
Our mobile training service brings wellness to you, to create a unique and fun HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) experience, that can be done indoors or outdoors.
Sessions are 60 minutes;  suitable for 4 – 10 people.
For larger group fitness sessions of 10+ people, this training session will contain little or no equipment, utilising body-weight resistance training, and will be most beneficial when split into smaller groups.
All group fitness sessions start with a 5-10 minute body and breath warm up, and a 5-10 a minute body and mind cool down.

Massage Therapy

Our mobile Massage is provided on a massage table, allowing the use of oil, or an oil-free therapy (over the clothes). Suggested time frame; 10-20 minute sessions are recommended per person for larger groups, or 30 minute sessions are ideal for under 6 people.
Massage type can be either, remedial (which can include deep tissue, sports, trigger point therapy, cupping, stretching or relaxation depending on the person’s requirements.


Group Fitness
2 hours $110 per hour
3 hours $100 per hour
4+ hours $90 per hour

Massage Therapy

2 hours $110 per hour
3 hours $100 per hour
4+ hours $90 per hour

  • You may select either Fitness, Massage or both corporate wellness services
  • Hourly rate is per Trainer & per Massage Therapist

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