Relaxation Massage is a therapeutic massage that will assist you with relief from aches, pains and stress-related symptoms.

Our Relaxation Massage therapist establishes the areas of the body or condition requiring attention, incorporating the swiss massage techniques as a guide, using effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, vibration, compression strokes and skin rolling, to sooth and relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation.

If required during the massage session the use of deep tissue and trigger point therapy can be applied to relieve muscle knots and promote blood circulation and increase in range of motion.

benefits of relaxation massage

Physical Benefits – Calms the nervous system / lowers blood pressure / Facilitates the circulation of blood & lymph / Improves joint range of movement / Relief of muscle tension

Emotional Benefits – Reduces anxiety / Promotes well-being & body awareness

Mental Benefits – Improves concentration & productivity / Enhances relaxation

infrared sauna FUSION

After your Relaxation Massage, you have the opportunity to continue relaxing in our Infrared Sauna Fusion.
In this 20 minute post-massage Infrared Sauna fusion, your body will continue on its relaxation and detox process, so you feel like you are walking out floating on clouds.
(Infrared Sauna fusion is optional)
We invite you to relax, unwind and cleanse your mind and body.


Physical Benefits – Increase blood circulation / Releases built up toxins / Calms the nervous system / Relieves muscle tension and joint pain / Increases metabolism / Aids muscle recovery / Immune system support / Helps with skin conditions

Mental/Emotional Benefits – Reduces stress and anxiety / Enhances mood / Reduces fatigue / Promotes emotional well-being and mindfulness / Digital detox / Calms body and mind / Improves sleep

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